We provide weekly tiffin service to our customers.



How do you prepare meals?

At Akshar Tiffin Service, we make sure that our recipes are delicious, authentic, and reflect their place of origin. We prepare Gujarati cuisine in Gujarati style and North Indian dishes in North Indian style. Additionally, you can alter the style of your meals and breakfast.

What are the different types of meals you offer?

We offer south Indian, Chinese, North Indian, Gujarati and all types of Jain foods in tiffin service at the most competitive price.

Can I rely on the food item's quality that I've decided to order from Akshar?

Yes, without a doubt, as all home chefs go through a rigorous selection process to become chefs and regular inspections are performed by professionals to ensure complete safety.

Is the food on Akshar of the same quality as food from home?

Certainly, yes. In actuality, the food is made with fresh ingredients according to your preferences and is also beneficial to your health.